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An insurance broker is an independent agent who's job is to give you an unbiased opinion based on your Medicare plan options. Because they are appointed with many different insurance companies, they are able to find the right fit for your specific needs and budget.


You pay exactly the same rate for your insurance whether you enroll directly with the insurer or you consult with an agent/broker (that's because the brokers commission is included in your premium whether you use a broker or go direct.  


You pay ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for their help – NO BROKER FEE. The biggest difference is the phenomenal back-end service you should receive from your broker, not just during the initial appointment but on a year-round basis.

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I will find a medicare plan MADE FOR YOU

I partner with a variety of insurance companies to find you options for many great Medicare plans

ZERO consultation/enrollment fees - we get compensated by the insurance company!

Hassle-free process & no missed deadlines!

BENEFITS of working with a broker like me

I don’t work for the insurance companies; I work for you.  I’m appointed with many major insurance carriers to help you find the right plan for your lifestyle.  The same coverage at the same cost. There are never any fees for my services.

Reviewing co-pays

Explaining the limitations of each plan

Providing detailed information on time frames and enrollment periods

Finding plans that are accepted by your physicians, hospitals and network

Facilitating annual plan reviews to ensure your current plan is still best

Website Cover 1.png
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